Prior to following the Instructions to Configure Email on Netscape


1.  Go to Tasks

            Mail and Newsgroups

            Click on the old domain:


            Under the Accounts in Right Pane

                    Click on

                            View settings for this account





Click on Remove Account in the right hand section






Confirm that you do want to remove account

Click ok



You must then shut down Netscape and reopen before it will let you add a new account.  Follow instructions below to add a new account.





Instructions to Configure Email on Netscape



  1. On standard tool bar go to Tasks,
     then to mail & news groups.



  1. Edit, mail and news groups account settings.



  1. Click New Account button.



  1. Click ISP or Email provider. Click Next.




  1. Enter your name in the Your Name box and Enter your email address in the Email Address box. Click Next.


  1. Select the type of Incoming Server you are using. Select POP.
    Incoming server. In Server Name box type in what the name of your domain name is with no www. Outgoing server. In Server Name box type in same domain name with no www. Click Next.






  1. Enter username for the domain and click Next.




  1. Enter a name for the account. Click Next.




  1. Click Finish.







  1. Highlight account on the left side of the browser.
    Then on the Right side of browser. Click read message. 
    It will ask you for your password.  Enter password for the domain.




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