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There's so much info in these optimization tips you will probably find it easier to print them all out. We've placed them all on one long page formatted for easy printing!

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Search engine optimization can be difficult and confusing. Knowing this we decided to put together some tips to help you with the process. They cover everything you need to know about optimizing your web pages for the search engines quickly and easily.

Search engine optimization tips listed in order of importance:

1.       Potential site design/set up problems.

2.       Selecting the correct keywords.

3.       Your title tag.

4.       Your copywriting.

5.       Your meta tags.

6.       Your images "alt" attribute.

7.       What you should not do....

8.       How long it takes to get listed.

9.    JavaScript

10.  Image Maps

11.  Flash

12.  Dynamic URLS

Additional search engine optimization tips:

These tips are here because they can be useful to those that can implement them on their web site, but they are not necessary to achieve good listings in the search engines.

1.       Hyperlinks.

2.       Headings.

For further reading:

Need more information on optimization? If so, we recommend reading Shari Thurow's new book Search Engine Visibility. It covers everything from search engine friendly design and keyword selection to link popularity and much more.

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