Spam Program

We are using one of the most advanced SPAM filters on the internet. It continually adapts itself to detect spam. For the most part it does a good job, but occasionally a spam slips through.

When you receive a spam, you have a choice to either just delete it and move on, or report it to the spam filter to help improve its performance. To report the spam select the message in your inbox, right-click and select "Forward as attachment." (If your email software doesn't support "Forward as attachment" simply forward the mail.) Address it to and click send.

You've done your duty and added the evil spam to the spam filter's collection.

Just to remind you of the basic operation of our spam filter:

1) Anyone you email will never have a message blocked.

2) Never email a spammer -- you validate their address authorizing them to spam us.

3) Don't forward spam -- it makes the spam filter think we like it.

4) Report spam by forwarding it to the address.

5) The spam filter keeps track of mail we send and spam we receive -- if an incoming message is not from someone we've emailed and it's more like the mail we send than the spam we receive then it gets through. Otherwise it's blocked and the sender gets the message, "Mail appears to be unsolicited -- report errors to"

6) If you become aware that mail you want is being blocked send the sender an email so their mail isn't blocked any more. 


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