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 Windows XP
The courses as outlined are designed by modules, 
two modules equal a level. 
Each level is taught in a 4 hour training course for $175.00
plus the cost of the Training Manual $22.50 (optional)

  • Level 1

Module 1 - Windows XP: End User Basics - This course covers working with the basic features of Windows  XP. Tasks include working with Windows XP; using menus, windows, programs, files, folders, and shortcuts; and working with views and toolbars. Students will also learn how to use My Computer and Windows Explorer.

Module 2 - Using Windows  XP - This course covers using additional Windows XP features. Tasks include working with the desktop, using the Start menu, customizing the display, and finding files and folders. Students will also learn how to use accessories, work with fonts and the printer, and use Help.


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